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Arthroscopic Surgery Videos
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The surgery took place in Van Nuys, CA May 17, 1987.  Before the surgery the doctor invited medical students from the local university to observe.  I was fortunate to have the physician video tape my knee surgery.  The surgery took little over an hour.  The video I received was about 6 minutes long.  I edited important segments of the video showing each process.  The videos are from 30 seconds to one minute in .avi format
This part of the video shows a clap grabbing a dead piece of bone.  My condition was symptomatic because the bone couldn't  heal itself.  The lack of blood flow in my knee couldn't supply the bone with the nutrients to keep it healthy.  As a result, the bone slowly broke away from my knee.
This part of the video shows the end of the surgery.  The diseased area was removed and cleared of any debrie.
This part of the video shows a broken piece of bone dislodged in my knee.  The doctor was moving the broken piece of bone by pressing on the outside of my knee with his hand.  The bone fragment was later removed.
This part of the video shows the doctor cleaning the knee with a drill and vacuum device.  The drill cleaned up the diseased area clearing away the loose bone fragments.  The vacuum sucked up the broken bone fragments clearing the knee of any pieces.